<link rel='stylesheet' href='css/PSH.css' type='text/css'>

              /* Here is Non-implemented feature. Comes soon ! */

              <script src="PSH.js"></script>
Including PSH.css will give you color codes to highlight everything written in HTML or CSS
So, you just need to create a pre block with a code block inside, like the example below :
<pre class="PSH">
    Here you are !
Which will simply gives you this :
Here you are !
Yes, without highlighting. Just an happy single code block. That's all !
Curently, there's only two languages supported : HTML and CSS. Check them out !

              <!DOCTYPE html>

              <style>body {margin: 0; width: 100%;}</style>

              <script type="application/javascript">
                function $init() {return true;}

                <p checked class="title" id='title'>Title</p>
                <!-- add stuff here -->


HTML Highlighting 101

brackets : use the "PSH bracket" class with the < and >
          <span class="PSH bracket"><</span>plop<span class="PSH bracket">></span>
meta : use the "PSH meta" class
          <span class="PSH meta">!DOCTYPE html</span>
tag : use the "PSH tag" class
          <span class="PSH tag">div</span>
class: use the "PSH class" class
          <span class="PSH class">class</span>
link: use the "PSH link" class
          <span class="PSH link">"/link/to/something.png"</span>
string: use the "PSH string" class
          <span class="PSH string">"Potato"</span>
id: use the "PSH id" class
          <span class="PSH id">id</span>
selector: use the "PSH selector" class
          <span class="PSH selector">~</span>
attribute: use the "PSH attribute" class
          <span class="PSH attribute">:hover</span>
attribute id: use the "PSH attribute id" class
          <span class="PSH attribute id">#id</span>
comment: use the "PSH comment" class
          <span class="PSH comment"><!-- yay --></span>
              @font-face {
                font-family: Quicksand; src: url('Quicksand.otf');

              body, .text {
                color: rgba(0,0,0,0.8); background: #eee;
                font-family: Quicksand, sans;

              @import url(main.css);
              @media print {
                img[src$=".png"]::after {
                  content: attr(src url, '.jpg')
brackets: use the "PSH CSS bracket" class
          <span class="PSH CSS bracket">{</span>
  <span class="PSH bracket">}</span>
comment: use the "PSH comment" class
          <span class="PSH comment">/* yay */</span>
unit: use the "PSH CSS unit" class
          <span class="PSH CSS unit">px</span>
string: use the "PSH CSS string" class
          <span class="PSH CSS string">"plop"</span>
constant: use the "PSH CSS constant" class
          <span class="PSH CSS constant">flex</span>
numeric constant: use the "PSH CSS constant numeric" class
          <span class="PSH CSS constant numeric">42</span>
color constant: use the "PSH CSS constant color" class
          <span class="PSH CSS constant color">#424242</span>
property: use the "PSH CSS property" class
          <span class="PSH CSS property">display</span>
keyword: use the "PSH CSS keyword" class
          <span class="PSH CSS keyword">@media</span>
function: use the "PSH CSS function" class
          <span class="PSH CSS function">rgba()</span>
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